Fees and Class schedule

Fees and schedule

Children (age 4-16)

All lessons are 1 h 30 min and include material fees. Teacher to student ratio will be 1:6

Foundation – Beginner (age 4- 10): $110 for 4 lessons

Level 1-Level 3 (Age 11 and up) : $120 for 4 lessons


Every one to two months, there will be an art and craft session where students will create handicrafts.

Adult (Age 17 and above)

Open Classes

All on-going sessions are 2 hours and pitched at beginner level. All materials will be provided. Teacher to student ratio will be 1:4.

$130 for 4 sessions

$35 per drop in session.

Private/ group classes: Rates start at $60 per person per session for individual lessons and $30 per person per session for group sessions (2-3 students). All sessions are 2 hours and exclude material fees.

Classes are held on weekends and Friday afternoons either in the East or North-East.

There will be a $20 registration fee for all new students from Jan 2016 onwards. The fee will be waived for those who sign up before 23 December 2015. 🙂

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